Therapeutic Approach
Christine DeSousa MA LPC NCC
Christine DeSousa MA LPC NCC

I enjoy working with a variety of people from all walks of life. Each person comes with their own set of strengths, accomplishments, challenges, mistakes, goals, ideas, and questions. I have worked with people who have dealt with anxiety, domestic abuse, emotional abuse, trauma, relationship issues, stress, low self esteem, college struggles, chronic mental health issues, and families with children on the autism spectrum, and Asperger’s syndrome, among others. I have worked with children, adolescents, and young adults through adulthood in a variety of settings including schools and private practice. I have experience with those struggling with suicidal thoughts and those who have dealt with the tragic loss of someone to suicide.

I see my role as counselor as someone who will listen and help the client brainstorm different ways of reacting to the world, while exploring strategies to ultimately accept and become the person one strives to be. I find that focusing on thoughts and how people view their world can be a great stepping stone to positively changing behavior and gaining the confidence necessary to face many of life’s daily challenges.

The approach I mainly rely on is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This is a form of therapy which basically means that one’s behavior is a result of one’s interpretation and thoughts of an event or situation. They can be rational or irrational. Irrational thoughts tend to lead to irrational behavior. It is my job to help the client identify and understand irrational thoughts and assist in forming new and healthier perspectives. Through establishing a collaborative client/therapist relationship, experiential exercises, exploration, and out of session “homework,” attitudes and beliefs may change more positively and result in a better way of feeling and acting. I believe what may set me apart from the rest is my direct approach and unique skills of active listening, empathy, humor, and encouragement for the client to hold true to accountability and motivation. I believe that the client knows what fits best, and I allow the client to steer in the direction of their goals.


I graduated from Marywood University in December 2010 with my Master of Arts degree in Mental Health Counseling. I successfully passed the Pennsylvania State Licensing Board Exam and the National Counselor’s Exam resulting in my NCC certification as of March 2011, number 266282. I am currently licensed in Pennsylvania as a Professional Counselor in good standing, license number 008085. I have also worked at Marywood’s Counseling and Student Development Center as a therapist, and serve as a Psychology and Counseling Department faculty member providing clinical supervision and teaching Master’s level counseling classes. I also have provided guest lecturing in a graduate course for the criminal justice program. For the past few years, I have also worked as a therapist and presenter for the Lou Ruspi Jr. Suicide Prevention Foundation.

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